"Bright and tuneful but with enough existential angst to keep things from turning too florid, Mallis' music nods to his soft-rock forebears while remaining rooted in Classic City strange."                        - Flagpole Magazine -



"Damn fine musical brew that the masses should be chugging."

                                                                                - Pure Grain Audio -


"The inescapably perky grooves that course their way through Nicholas Mallis' new single “Habitable World” are a joy to hear unfold. It’s that sort of vintage, dance-forward pop and rock that demands movement from the listener as each bounding note and playful melody seems to strike with gleeful abandon.                                                                - Immersive Atlanta -



"Mallis does a fine job capturing the peak between 1980s fashion-pop and earnest sincerity that resides between Simply Red and Glass Tiger."

                                                                                  - Flagpole Magazine -


"Of Montreal fans will recognize this as a direct reference to Kevin Barnes, and indeed, the song was inspired when Mallis was watching the oM documentary The Past is a Grotesque Animal. Although Mallis describes the song as “fan fiction,” which tends to be worshipful, it also doesn’t shy away from being critical where criticism is perhaps due. The most obvious nod to of Montreal, really, is the song’s musical structure and vocal phrasing."

                                                                                    - Flagpole Magazine -



"Mallis, who is among this town's best songwriters, can twist a lyric and pick a trebly riff with the best of them."

                                                                                     - Flagpole Magazine -




"Mallis has already released a slow stream of tracks from the album; the latest is “White Girl,” a blue-eyed R&B slow jam with clear nods to Prince and Marvin Gaye. In lesser hands, this type of thing could have easily slipped into parody territory, but Mallis' hands are greater, and it's utterly enjoyable, especially toward the end when the guitar really comes in."

                                                                                       - Flagpole Magazine -



"In addition to his work with locals Sam Sniper and The Viking Progress, Athens songwriter Nicholas Mallis is known for fronting the indie-folk outfit Yo Soybean, a band that dissolved late last year. Now, Mallis is striking out on his own, and offering up a taste of what folks can expect from his new project."

                                                                                       - Flagpole Premiere -


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